American Sub WR.pdf
Apple, Granny Smith WR.pdf
Apple, Red Delicious WR.pdf
Apple, Yellow Delicious WR.pdf
Applesauce, Plain WR.pdf
Applesauce Cup, Cherry WR.pdf
Applesauce Cup, Cinnamon WR.pdf
Applesauce Cup, Strawberry Banana WR.pdf
Applesauce Cup, Unsweetened Plain WR.pdf
Apple Filled Frudel w- Scrambled Eggs WR.pdf
Apple Filled Frudel w- Turkey Sausage Links WR.pdf
Apple Filled Frudel WR.pdf
Apple Juice Cup, 4 oz WR.pdf
Apple Slices WR.pdf
Banana Bread Slice, WG WR.pdf
Banana WR.pdf
Beans, Black Chipotle WR.pdf
Beans, Black WR.pdf
Beans, Green WR.pdf
Beans, Kidney WR.pdf
Beans, Lima WR.pdf
Beans, Pinto WR.pdf
Beans, Refried WR.pdf
Beans, Vegetarian Baked WR.pdf
Biscuit, WG WR.pdf
Blueberries, Fresh WR.pdf
Bosco Cheese Filled Breadsticks WR.pdf
Bread, Sandwich, WG WR.pdf
Breadstick, Small, WG WR.pdf
Breakfast Sandwich, Egg and Cheese WR.pdf
Broccoli, Fresh Flowerets WR.pdf
Broccoli, Steamed WR.pdf
Brown Rice, WG WR.pdf
Bun, Hamburger, WG WR.pdf
Bun, Hot Dog, WG WR.pdf
Bun, Sub, WG WR.pdf
California Vegetable Medley WR.pdf
Cantaloupe Chunks WR.pdf
Carrots, Baby Pre-packaged WR.pdf
Carrots, Baby WR.pdf
Carrots, Steamed WR.pdf
Cauliflower, Fresh WR.pdf
Cauliflower, Steamed WR.pdf
Celery Sticks WR.pdf
Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, WG WR.pdf
Cereal, Cocoa Puffs, WG WR.pdf
Cereal, Froot Loops WR.pdf
Cereal, Lucky Charms, WG WR.pdf
Cereal, Trix, WG WR.pdf
Cereal Bar, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, WG WR.pdf
Cereal Bar, Cocoa Puffs, WG WR.pdf
Cereal Bar, Trix, WG WR.pdf
Cheddar Cheese Omelet WR.pdf
Cheese, American Sliced WR.pdf
Cheese, Shredded, RF WR.pdf
Cheeseburger WR.pdf
Cheese Quesadilla WR.pdf
Cheese Stick, Mozzarella WR.pdf
Chicken Nuggets WG WR.pdf
Chicken Patty Sandwich WG WR.pdf
Chicken Tenders WR.pdf
Clementine WR.pdf
Cocoa Cherry Bar WR.pdf
Cookie, Chocolate Chip, WG, RF WR.pdf
Cookie, Sugar, WG, RF WR.pdf
Courtesy Meal, Cheese and Crackers WR.pdf
Courtesy Meal, PBandJ WR.pdf
Crackers, Saltines (1 Pkg) WR.pdf
Cucumbers, Sliced WR.pdf
Curly Fries WR.pdf
Deli Ham and Cheese Sandwich WR.pdf
Deli Ham Sandwich WR.pdf
Deli Turkey and Cheese Sandwich WR.pdf
Deli Turkey and Cheese Wrap WR.pdf
Deli Turkey Sandwich WR.pdf
Dinner Roll, WG WR.pdf
Dinner Roll w- Margarine Cup WR.pdf
Dipping Sauce, BBQ WR.pdf
Dipping Sauce, Honey Mustard WR.pdf
Dipping Sauce, Sweet and Sour WR.pdf
Dressing, Fat Free Ranch WR.pdf
Dressing, French WR.pdf
Dressing, Italian WR.pdf
Dressing, Ranch LS WR.pdf
Egg, Cheese & Turkey Bacon Bosco Stick WR.pdf
Fish Sandwich WR.pdf
Fish Sticks, Mini WR.pdf
French Toast Sticks WR.pdf
French Toast Sticks with Scrambled Eggs WR.pdf
French Toast Sticks with Turkey Sausage Links WR.pdf
Fruit Rollup, Blastin' Berry Hot Colors WR.pdf
Glazed Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots WR.pdf
Golden Corn WR.pdf
Goldfish Crackers, WG WR.pdf
Grapes, Fresh WR.pdf
Grape Juice Cup, 4 oz WR.pdf
Grape Tomatoes WR.pdf
Gravy, Poultry WR.pdf
Green Pepper Strips WR.pdf
Hamburger Patty WR.pdf
Hamburger WR.pdf
Hash Brown Potato Rounds WR.pdf
Heart Shaped Chicken Nuggets WR.pdf
Heartzels (Heart Shaped Pretzels) WR.pdf
Hot Dog, Turkey WR.pdf
Hot Dog on Bun WR.pdf
Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich WR.pdf
Hummus Meal WR.pdf
Ice Cream, Chocolate Sundae WR.pdf
Italian Beef Meat Sauce, RF WR.pdf
Italian Meatless Spaghetti Sauce WR.pdf
Italian Pasta, WG WR.pdf
Italian Pasta w-Meatless Sauce WR.pdf
Italian Pasta w- Meat Sauce WR.pdf
Italian Vegetable Medley WR.pdf
Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage and Pancake Breakfast Stick WR.pdf
Juice, Sunset Sip WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Blue Raspberry Lemon WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Be Mine! Cherry WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Fiesta! Mango Sriracha and Pineapple Juice Cup WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Lemon Lime Swirl (St. Patty's Day) WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Orange Lime Swirl WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Sour Cherry Lemon WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Strawberry Kiwi WR.pdf
Juice Cup, Strawberry Mango WR.pdf
Juicy Juice, Apple (Breakfast) WR.pdf
Juicy Juice, Orange Tangerine (Breakfast) WR.pdf
Ketchup, 9 gm. Packet LS WR.pdf
Kiwi WR.pdf
Lettuce, Shredded WR.pdf
Mac and Cheese w- Biscuit WR.pdf
Mac and Cheese w- Dinner Roll WR.pdf
Mac and Cheese WR.pdf
Mandarin Oranges in Lite Syrup WR.pdf
Mangoes, Diced WR.pdf
Margarine, Promise Cup WR.pdf
Marinara Sauce Cup WR.pdf
Mashed Potatoes WR.pdf
Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy WR.pdf
Mayonnaise, 9 gm Packet WR.pdf
Mexican Burrito (Beef and Bean) WR.pdf
Milk, Fat Free Chocolate, Tru Moo WR.pdf
Milk, Fat Free Lactose WR.pdf
Milk, Fat Free Strawberry, Tru Moo WR.pdf
Milk, Fat Free White WR.pdf
Milk, 1 Percent Chocolate WR.pdf
Milk, 1 Percent White WR.pdf
Mini Birthday Cake Frozen Yogurt Cup WR.pdf
Mini Cinnis w- Turkey Sausage Links WR.pdf
Mini Cinnis WR.pdf
Mini French Toast, Cinnamon WR.pdf
Mini Pillsbury Pancakes w- Scrambled Eggs WR.pdf
Mini Pillsbury Pancakes w- Turkey Sausage Links WR.pdf
Mini Pillsbury Pancakes WR.pdf
Mini Pillsbury Waffles WR.pdf
Mini Pillsbury Waffles w- Scrambled Eggs WR.pdf
Mini Pillsbury Waffles w- Turkey Sausage Links WR.pdf
Mini Rice Krispie Treat, WG WR.pdf
Mini Turkey Corn Dogs WR.pdf
Mixed Berry Medley WR.pdf
Mixed Fruit in Lite Syrup WR.pdf
Muffin, Blueberry WG (Otis) WR.pdf
Muffin, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, WG(Otis) WR.pdf
Mustard, 4.5 gm. Packet WR.pdf
Nutrigrain Bar, Apple, WG (Breakfast Only) WR.pdf
Nutrigrain Bar, Straw, WG (Breakfast Only) WR.pdf
Orange Juice Cup, 4 oz WR.pdf
Orange WR.pdf
Orange Chicken w/ Brown Rice WR.pdf
Oven Baked French Fries WR.pdf
PBandJ Grape Uncrustable, Cheese and Goldfish Meal WR.pdf
PBandJ Straw. Uncrustable, Cheese and Goldfish Meal WR.pdf
PBandJ Uncrustable, Grape, WG WR.pdf
PBandJ Uncrustable, Strawberry, WG WR.pdf
Peaches, Diced, Canned in Lite Syrup WR.pdf
Peaches, Sliced, Canned in Lite Syrup WR.pdf
Peach Cup, Chilled WR.pdf
Pear, Fresh WR.pdf
Pears, Diced, Canned in Lite Syrup WR.pdf
Pears, Sliced, Canned in Lite Syrup WR.pdf
Peas, Steamed WR.pdf
Personal Pan Cheese Pizza WR.pdf
Pickles, Dill Slices WR.pdf
Pineapple, Fresh WR.pdf
Pineapple Chunks in Pineapple Juice WR.pdf
Pineapple Tidbits in Pineapple Juice WR.pdf
Plums, Fresh WR.pdf
Pop-Tart, Cinnamon, WG (2 Ct) WR.pdf
Pop-Tart, Hot Fudge, WG (2 Ct) WR.pdf
Pop-Tart, Strawberry, WG (2 Ct) WR.pdf
Popcorn Chicken w- Biscuit WR.pdf
Popcorn Chicken w- Dinner Roll WR.pdf
Popcorn Chicken WR.pdf
Potato Smiles WR.pdf
Raisins WR.pdf
Red Pepper Strips WR.pdf
Rice Krispie Treat, WG WR.pdf
Romaine Salad WR.pdf
Large Green Salad w/ Cheese, Mini Blueberry Loaf & Goldfish Crackers WR.pdf
Salsa WR.pdf
Savory Sweet Potato Fries WR.pdf
Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks WR.pdf
Scooby Doo Grahams, WG WR.pdf
Scrambled Eggs WR.pdf
Shamrock Shaped Chicken Nuggets WR.pdf
Shredded Lettuce Salad WR.pdf
Soft Tacos WR.pdf
Sour Cream WR.pdf
Spaghetti, WG WR.pdf
Spaghetti w-Meatless Sauce WR.pdf
Spaghetti w- Meat Sauce WR.pdf
Spinach Salad w- Tomatoes WR.pdf
Spinach Salad WR.pdf
Spooky Shaped Chicken Nuggets WR.pdf
Spring Mix Salad WR.pdf
Steamed Peppers and Onions WR.pdf
Stir-Fry Vegetables WR.pdf
Strawberries, Fresh WR.pdf
Strawberry Cup, Chilled WR.pdf
Sugar Snap Peas WR.pdf
Sweet Potato Rounds WR.pdf
Syrup Cup WR.pdf
Taco Dippers w- Baked Tostito Chips WR.pdf
Taco Salad w- Baked Tostito Chips WR.pdf
Tangerine WR.pdf
Tartar Sauce, Packet 9 gram WR.pdf
Tater Tots WR.pdf
Teriyaki Chicken w- Brown Rice WR.pdf
Teriyaki Chicken WR.pdf
Toasted Cheese Sandwich, WG WR.pdf
Tomatoes, Diced WR.pdf
Tomato Soup WR.pdf
Tony's Cheese Pizza WR.pdf
Tony's Pepperoni Pizza WR.pdf
Tortilla Wrap, WG 6 inch WR.pdf
Tortilla Wrap, WG 9 inch WR.pdf
Tossed Mix Salad WR.pdf
Tostitos Chips IW WR.pdf
Tropical Fruit Salad WR.pdf
Turkey Corn Dog WR.pdf
Turkey Sausage Link WR.pdf
Watermelon WR.pdf
Yogurt, Cheese, Mini Blueberry Loaf and Goldfish Crackers Meal WR.pdf
Yogurt, Trix, Raspberry Rainbow WR.pdf
Yogurt, Trix, Strawberry Banana WR.pdf
Yogurt, Trix, Triple Cherry WR.pdf